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Join Our Tennis Programs: Perfect for YOU

Classes for Everyone: Whether you're just starting or playing in tournaments, we have a class for you. We use USTA-approved methods and partner with the National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) to support young players.


For Adults:

  • Doubles Tournament Players: Play lots of points in a fun Live Ball setting to improve your skills and enjoy competitive play.

  • Adult Beginners: Learn tennis basics in a friendly and active environment, perfect for getting started and staying fit.


For Juniors:

  • Junior Programs: Build basic skills and confidence with quality instruction and fun activities.

  • R & O Academy: Advanced training for serious young players looking to compete at higher levels.


Tournaments and Community Events: Join our tournaments and events to play and connect with the San Diego tennis community. Enjoy friendly competitions and make new friends.


Learn More by Scrolling Below:

  • Program Links: Detailed descriptions of all our classes and levels.

  • Schedule: Up-to-date schedule to find a class that fits your time.

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MV Schedule Winter II v1.docx (5)-2.png
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