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The MVSRC is an IRS Certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a primary goal to raise funds for the Association, especially for under resourced areas and families with low to moderate income. As a charitable organization, all contributions and donations to the club are tax-deductible.

The MVSRA is the 501(c)(7) section of the organization whose purpose is to handle the day to day activities of running the club. Such operations include hosting tournaments, interclub matches, junior development programs, and membership enrollment and activities. In short, the goals of the MVSRA and MVSRC are one and the same - to promote programs and activities in our community by making tennis accessible for all.

Board of Governors

President: Nick Runde

Treasurer: Chris Dorsey

Membership Coordinator: Larry McDowell

Facilities Director: Reggie Blue

Recording Secretary: Ana Paola Romo

Junior Development Coordinator: Susan Davis

This association is responsible for our day-to-day operations including tournaments, inter-club matches, and junior development programs. It is also responsible for all membership enrollment and activities.

Board of Directors

Chairman of Board: Frances S. Lang

Treasurer: Ana Seelinger

Recording Secretary: Gina White

This branch is responsible for the care and maintenance of the MLK Park tennis courts. It is also the prime fundraiser for the advancement of our junior development program.

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